Purchase a Corvette 50th Anniversary in 2003, and sells it losing money with 92 km on the odometer

Friends, the speculation with the classic car do not understand of frontiers or of types of vehicles. Some people buy vehicles with potential, hoping that in a few years to become gems of the collection. It happened with a Lancia Delta Integrale on sale with less than 50 miles, or a BMW M1 with less than 700 km This case is the opposite side of the coin. An american bought a Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 50th Anniversary Edition, which has been forced to sell at a loss, despite having only 92 km on the odometer.

The speculation has a negative side: you may lose the money “bet”, if luck is not on our side.

Chevrolet sold only in 2003 special edition 50 anniversary of the Corvette. Offered in versions Coupe and Convertible, with a set of options known as RPO Z25. Maybe the problem was that 11.632 units were produced in 2003, many of which still circulate. Never were especially differentiated from the rest: they had the same engine 5.7 V8 LS1-355 HP and a set of aesthetic options, as a painting “50th Anniversary Red”, white leather seats and a identification logo embroidered on the backrest of the seats.

corvette-50th-especulacion-6A few emblems identifying separated these Corvette marginally from the rest of the Corvette of the year 2003. Your price was 55.235 $ for the convertible version with automatic change of four relationships. If you move your price to today’s dollars, again it would be something more than 72,000 dollars. An american bought a unit for the purpose of to sell it years later for a fat profit. But he has put it on sale for 44.900 dollars. He has lost almost half of the money invested 13 years ago.

The C5 Corvette still have not been appreciated, and many experts agree that they will not do until within quite a long time.

The car has only 92 miles on the odometer. The car has been kept in a heated garage, and has been meticulously maintained by. The owner tore it every two months, and two or three times a year he was moved to prevent its components are anquilosaran. The average annual mileage is 7 miles and 77 meters, to be precise. Has emptied several times their fuel tank, filling it with high-quality fuel 101 octane – free of ethanol, to which he added an additive stabilizer.

corvette-50th-especulacion-3Retains all the original documentation, and even saves the DVD and the VHS – yes, video tape – with the coming of the car accompanied. The purchase invoice is still in the glove compartment, and the plastics in the seats and steering wheel were covered are in a position. Among the options that increase the value of this Corvette with manual shift mode is a suspension of a magnetic and a team of premium sound signed by Bose. This american sport is ready to be enjoyed and driven. A true revival.

The problem is that its original owner never enjoyed. Of course that would have other vehicles, but having a convertible as nice caged for years with the sole purpose of obtaining a profit with your sale it seems to me as a little sad. The market teaches us a valuable lesson: when a well is not as scarce as anticipated, their demand will not be as high, and the price that buyers are willing to pay, will not be as high. Plain and Simple economic theory.

Source: Carscoops