“Push to Pass” in 10 key points: this is the new strategic plan for the PSA Group for the next 5 years

PSA Peugeot Citroën becomes PSA Group, a change of name, a new identity, that gets associated to a new strategic plan baptized as “Push-to-Pass” and you are nine fundamental keys so that you know quickly what there is after this change, the objectives, as is occurring in the range… What is “Push to Pass”? Time to find out all the details:

1.- The previous plan called “Back in the Race”, sought to reduce production costs, new dynamics with their suppliers, to obtain liquidity, to leave segments unprofitable, to promote the DS range as a separate brand and enhance the role of the group in China.

2.- A new name with a new logo. That “PSA Groupe” (at the end of the article) has been designed by the Peugeot Design Lab, the same that previously have dared with a sofa, a kickboard and even a surfboard or a helicopter.

3.- According to the group itself, literally, this strategic plan has the following two objectives:

“Be a builder car world reference leader in efficiency.”

“to Become a provider of mobility services is recognized, that to establish a lasting relationship with your customers.”

4.- What time frame is located, this new plan? The program “Push to Pass” will cover the period between 2016 and 2021.

5.- With this plan, the PSA Group wants to achieve a 10% growth of the turnover of the group between 2015 and 2018, reaching 15% after up to 2021. That is to say, as a group, PSA aims to improve its results in the next 5 years in a 15%.

6.- PSA wants to get greater cost-effectiveness in the sale of their cars in an average of 4% between 2016 and 2018, reaching 6% in 2021.

7.- Not only lives of to sell new cars. PSA will strengthen and evolve their leasing programs, the after-sale services, your stock of second-hand vehicles, and fleets.

8.- In addition, the emphasis in exploit mobility services, what will become PSA into a provider of fleet initiatives such as carsharing?what plans of electric or hybrid cars to companies?

9.- New models. How do you translate this new stage in the range of Citroën, Peugeot and DS? There will be a range of 26 passenger cars and 8 commercial vehicles, looking to get “a new car by brand, region and year” during the next 5 years.

10.- Carlos Tavares, to the front of the board of directors of the group, has pointed out that PSA will now be more agile in face-to-face the changes, pointing in addition to a digital transformation to be more connected with their customers.