Quarters of a mile over water: Samsung will manufacture the world’s largest cargo

A quarter-mile . 402.33 meters for which we use the metric system. It is a distance that a car 1,000 horsepower takes about 10 seconds to run at full power. The fastest cars on the planet cover that distance in less time, but your car would take you about 20 seconds. In footballing terms, four regulatory fields. It is the distance of the new Samsung freighter, destined to become 2017 the planet’s largest transport ship . Their numbers are frightening.

is so great that it can not pass through the Panama Canal. It is limited to the Pacific Ocean.

Built for Mitsui OSK Lines, this giant freighter will be able to house inside and on the deck a whopping 20,150 20-foot containers . Each of the containers has a higher than a Mercedes S 600 Maybach, almost seven meters long size. It’s difficult mentally embrace the gigantic dimensions of this boat, which has already begun construction on the giant Samsung has shipyards in South Korea. Phone not only live, as you can see.

motor-samsung-carguero-2 This ship has a width of almost 60 meters . It is so great that it passes through the Panama Canal, so its field of operation will restrict the Pacific Ocean. The routes between the US and Asia are some of the busiest routes in the world, so work is not going to miss the ship. Or stevedores have to carry thousands of containers inside through articulated in international merchandise trade. Approximately 90%, in fact.

Imagine a drag race quarter mile on the loading area of ​​the boat.

As for motive power, often use these gigantic ships two-stroke diesel engines . They run on heavy fuel, do not use diesel you put into your car, definitely. For example, one of the largest and most powerful to date Maersk – capable of carrying 18,000 containers – used two huge engines MAN , with 32 megawatts of power each. Two engines with 43,000 horsepower … each. Figures for leave anyone silent.

The world’s largest engine is the Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96 C. It is a 14-cylinder turbodiesel similar to a four floors high, that engine generates 114,800 CV in its most powerful version . Just rotated at 100 rpm, despite their enormous fuel consumption, energy efficiency is much higher than that of a conventional car engine. We do not know which engine will use this freighter Samsung, but it could be that gigantic two-stroke turbodiesel long career.

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Source: Gizmodo
In motor: Wärtsilä-Sultzer RTA96C , the internal combustion engine of the world’s largest

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