Question of the day: what would you Pay million for two prototypes of Bugatti unique?

The Bugatti Chiron is already part of the real history of the French brand. After years of preparation and development the last beast of Bugatti soon will come to light in a definitive way. Until now we had not seen more than prototypes of highly advanced, prototypes are not usable, although that does not mean that you can not buy.

The two prototypes that have been sold

And is that with money everything, or almost everything, can get. The Bugatti know the exclusivity of their products and it is for this reason that on certain occasions they tempt their clients for buy objects that for most of we mortals are unattainable. Such that the case of these two concept car that will way of its owner arabia.

As announced Autoevolution, the prince Badr bin Saud, grandson of the late king Abdullah, has been the that has been done with such stunning pieces. The Chiron we have already spoken, a model that was exposed in various events all over the world. However the other piece is even more exclusive and strange, the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo.

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Sure you remember him. It was first presented at the iaa in Frankfurt last year. He was the one that we anticipated, so spectacular, the general lines of how would be the future final version of the Chiron. A sole prototype, which despite carrying the engine, is not suitable for circulation. A museum-piece.

well, it is not known how much has decided to pay this saudi Prince, but as you can imagine must not have come cheap. Your bid was the highest of all, and this is why these two prototypes are already part of an impressive collection. At the end of the day-to-day of today’s petrodollars are the ones that move the world.