Quick and simple: these are the 3 solutions that Volkswagen will apply to the TDI engines affected

Both the Volkswagen Group, as the bulk of the customers whose diesel engines were affected by the fraud of the TDI, today will be able to breathe a little more quiet. Volkswagen has just announced the technical changes that will require their diesel engines are affected to comply with the regulations, to legalize their status. And as we have been able to learn, these changes will be more simple, and less traumatic to the clients, than expected. The only engine that will require physical modifications – and not involve more than an hour of work – it will be the 1.6 TDI. The other engine or engines could exceed the european regulations with a solution that was as simple as reprogramming the software of the ecu. what are these solutions? What impact they may have on the client?

engine 2.0 TDI will not require any physical modification, it is sufficient with a reprogramming of the software. 1.2 TDI is expected to not require further modifications to the reprogramming of the software.

Engine 2.0 TDI (family EA 189):

According to Volkswagen, the affected models of the group that use the block of four cylinders and two litres so only will require a software update to comply with the european regulations for which were approved. That means that it is sufficient half an hour of work to complete it. Volkswagen has not materialized, if that reprogramming will lead to any change in consumption or performance. In any case, it appears that the solution is going to involve an important modification in the performance of the engine.


engine 1.6 TDI shall not require the installation of new systems anti-pollution, will only need a mesh behind the air filter, into the intake, that will improve the quality of the combustion.

Engine 1.6 TDI (family EA 189):

This engine will be the only one that requires a physical modification, in addition to the corresponding reprogramming of the ecu. According to Volkswagen, it would be enough with a mesh is installed behind the air filter, and brought before the gauge pressure of the air, and the input admittance of the motor, to more accurately measure the air intake and to improve the quality of the combustion. This improvement of the quality of the combustion would be sufficient to ensure that NOx emissions from these engines to comply with the european regulations. And a priori nor would variations in performance. The review of this engine will require less than an hour of work.

Engine 1.2 TDI (family EA 189):

Although the solution for the engines 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI has already been found, turned in and verified by the federal authorities of germany, the engine is 1.2 TDI is still pending to confirm that solution. According to Volkswagen, everything points to that simply with a software update, in any case, this data will be confirmed in a few days, before the end of November.


As just announced by Volkswagen, solutions for engines TDI of the family AD 189 were more simple than we had expected. In any case, let’s not forget that we talk about solutions for Europe. In the united States are still working to find solutions, probably more complex and traumatic than those announced in Europe, in both the limits of NOx emissions are also more stringent.

In short, these data also strengthen the hypothesis that the economy of scale, and the obsession of Volkswagen by drive the diesel in the united States, have been Volkswagen to the current situation. If the solutions applicable in Europe they are so simple, it is clear that Volkswagen could have gotten it that their engines comply with the european regulations without any trick.

calls to review to begin in January of 2016. Volkswagen will take care of all costs, and discomforts that require the call to review, including by facilitating the transfer to the workshops of the clients, or the car replacement, in the event you require it. In any case, in view of what had been announced by Volkswagen, we must not forget that we are talking about minor revisions, which in any case will require more than an hour of work.

Source: Volkswagen
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