Racking of the best drivers in F1 history according to the University of Sheffield

Alonso McLaren SIngapur 2015 University of Sheffield has carried out an analysis of the quality of the pilots of Formula 1 of the whole story to determine who is the best and make a list with the results. For the study we have despised the influence of the cars in the results of each pilot, in order to highlight only the skills of piloting all of them and determine who has more quality behind the wheel and who less.

sometimes the world of F1 is very unfair as opposed to other categories where all the cars are equal or more similar, with the rider that wins and not the car, but this is also one of the attractions of F1, see different cars on track and that there are movements between the teams that stand out. When any team queen during a long season began the complaints about how boring, as it was the hegemony of Ferrari, Red Bull and now Mercedes.

hamilton-lauda-mercedeswell, going back to the study to say that the University of Sheffield has returned to ignite a debate that never ends and that does not put according to anyone. Each one has their favorite drivers, and he believes different, but they have wanted to carry out an empirical study and be as impartial as possible in analyzing data, but it sure the ranking that has a result leaves no one indifferent. They say it never rains to taste of all…

The british Dr. Andrew Bell in the Institute of Methodology of Sheffield has been the one who has led this project, and the results on the list of pilots best of the story have been the following:

1 Juan Manuel Fangio
2 , Alain Prost
3 Fernando Alonso
4 Jim Clark
5 Ayrton Senna
6 Jackie Stewart
7 Nelson Piquet
8 Emerson Fittipaldi
9 Michael Schumacher
10 Sebastian Vettel
11 Lweis Hamilton

Curious see some pilots most unknown on the list as Christian Fittipaldi between the Top20 and others like Niki Lauda, or even enter the Top 100… Maybe the model of Dr. Bell is not infallible or maybe you have had a long reputation for having cars very good while others have not had that luck.