Radar, maximum speed and the rise of the SUV


Without doubt it’s worthy of study the why of those cars and the reason for its great popularity. Far from having peaked, they continue to grow in percentage with respect to sales of new models, and there are more on the roads. Are the car of fashion, and to people of very varied social, economic condition or tastes car accidents.

we Can draw many theories as to why they are becoming more and more popular. It may be due to its high versatility: combine a design that is more cool than a minivan, more space than a saloon/compact, closer to the economy of a conventional car and with a minimum of skills off road without the inconvenience of a 4×4 traditional. Depending on the model, is met with more or less success listed.

however, I have a theory that may explain part of its success, and that is that the way of driving has changed a lot in a few years. Simply understand the sensations that they were giving the cars two or three decades ago compared with the present ones. There was not much insulation, it all felt more, power steering or antilock brakes were not in any model. It was a ride of sensations.


Progressively the cars have been taming more and becoming more boring. Transmit less. They are quieter, more comfortable, and tread with more confidence… give the occupants a greater sense of security, especially the models with a driving position higher.

Well, I would have to qualify that a position that is more high is not safer, is perceived as more secure, because it isolates even more the driver of the machine that leads and the asphalt pisa. Traditionally, except for the vans, the cars have been more glued to the ground and the butt of their drivers also.

From the early years of this century, surveillance of the authorities of the speed has been increasing thanks to the boom of the cinem√≥metros and their increased availability through reduction of the technology. The first fine of a radar in Spain was in the 70’s, but for a long time, I was so afraid to these devices. In the countries of our environment, the phenomenon has been similar.


it Was during the last decade when most noticed a change of attitude of the drivers regarding the speed. Each day that passed was more and more difficult to see a driver rolling really fast with traffic, and now sometimes there is that pull of memory to recall when we have seen someone going very fast (excluding episodes of television). When no one sees them, there are those who are foot-stomping the pedal, but they spend more unnoticed.

Running is not only that it is frowned upon, is that it is punishable with much more effectiveness. If there is a fixed radar, it may be a cone with a tripod in a ditch, or a helicopter, Pegasus. The average speed of the Spanish drivers do not do but to retreat, especially in our country. To see someone who does not respect this rule, it costs more and more. Above 150 km/h are lost points, and above 200 km/h are released a criminal record.

In the context of speed, as proscribed, the models of sales generalists with greater benefits and more feelings are starting to fade. Yes, continue to sell sports, but in a dwindling number, and if we move out of the brands of high range, the supply is very scarce. It is as if, generally, the majority of people wanted to drive closer to the legal limits. This eye, there is nothing intrinsically bad, it is desirable!

I’ve made a little survey via Twitter, of very little statistical significance for the sample size, but it seems to me interesting the fact that only a minority considers that the persecution of the velocity is related to the rise of the SUV. Keep in mind that these cars, by their dynamics, are not the best for fast driving. They tend to understeer and not for the tires that are hacn now it would be very easy volcasen or losing control.

But in the eyes of someone who drives a lot and everyday, I observe that the common driver of an SUV is not respecting the speed limits, is that on many occasions to disrupt the circulation. Their booster seats provide better visibility of your bonnet, but have the same spatial extent as the others. On the other hand, your center of gravity is higher and incite a march more quiet. Are car ideal for those who do not like to drive or is afraid to do so.

In some tested models by Engine.it is, as is the case with the Lexus NX 300h, check how the hard setting of the suspension managed to keep the car on the trajectory, at the expense of making it more uncomfortable. And is that SUVS need suspensions firm if you do not want to boast of a behavior of worse quality than a compact or sedan equivalent, because the physics is physics and its laws are unchangeable: more height and weight, worst behavior.


we can Also postulate that the SUV’s have the success they have because they do not seem to “cars,” father”, or because the majority of the population has back problems, or because the flood of ledge urban -in many cases illegal not to comply with the regulations – make every day less practical normal cars. And so you climb the curbs, of course.

it is True that the SUV’s are a little slower than the conventional models of the derived, but are still able to achieve high speeds. There are even models that are in very good hands, can make acceptable times in circuit if the pilot makes them turn little. But tend to disappoint in sporty driving, it is what it is, but nor is it a value very much in vogue in our days.

As the drivers, the owners of the SUV are preferring the comfort (you don’t always get to) and the perception of psychological security against other values, such as the feel of driving or the sense of mastery of the machine. The numbers does not give me the reason, but I see a deep relationship between the two things. Maybe I should focus my study in another way…