Radar STOP, the last one to get a ticket already exists in France

STOPspeed cameras were one of the greatest inventions to control the traffic and are also an important source of revenue for traffic authorities. Followed by the speed of light, which penalize those who ignore the red light. Now everything points to that the new trend will be the radar STOP, effectively, radars that monitor drivers to respect these signals that many times are not given the necessary attention.

This new modality already exists in France. The neighbouring country has installed one of these devices that is being a true fundraising success, as it is capable of to punish more than 500 drivers in less than 24 hours. The goal of this new type of radar is clear, to do that many drivers understand the difference between a STOP and a yield.

How does a radar STOP?

Multa semáforo

A snapshot could not determine whether the STOP has been respected or not, for which is used a video

The method of operation of these radars to STOP is the following. The cameras analyze the speed at which the vehicle is approaching the signal that forces to stop. Is recorded throughout the sequence since the vehicle appears in the field of vision of the camera until it exceeds the STOP sign. Analyzing the time of permanence of the vehicle in the field of vision of the camera, you can determine if the vehicle has made the brown or not.

To verify that there are an agent that is in charge of watching the videos and proceed with the sanction, if any. Through a system of photography, as in speed cameras or traffic light, it is not possible to determine whether it has respected the STOP or not.

Fine for running a STOP

For the moment it is not foreseen that the DGT implant radars of this type. However, you have to be careful as the agents of the authority can punish who does not respect a STOP sign with a fine of 200 euros and the withdrawal of four points the driver’s license. In France, the sanction involves a fine of 135 euros and the withdrawal of four points of the card.

Source – The Country