RADBUL: and cries out a Mazda MX-5 drifting with 1000 HP and rotary engine

RADBUL is the third Mazda prepared for drifting created by Mad Mike Whiddett, a well-known drifter in New Zealand. After the MADBUL and BADBUL – created, respectively, on the basis of the Mazda RX-7 and RX-8 – the new zealander has dared to create a car drifting on a Mazda MX-5. With a battle considerably short, it is not the car for more easy to make drift. This has not prevented him from creating a beast turboalimentada with a Wankel engine of four rotors and more than 1000 HP power. Not roars, howls to cry clean.

Initially, the setup of this car was to have a 20B three-rotor, but decided to give a character even more deranged to the car.

Its 4 rotors in line are massaged by a system of double turbocharging in series, created exclusively for this vehicle. With an estimated power of more than 1000 HP and a ratio of weight-to-power less than the pound-for-horse, this MX-5 has about 6 times the power of the car of origin and a tremendous ease for burning wheel as if there was no tomorrow. In the video that Red Bull has recorded – for something are sponsors of such a contraption – is shown by the patent this ability.

Although Whiddett has cost him to master it – as he himself acknowledges – he believes that his potential is much higher than that of their other cars. The RADBUL is of route to the united States, where she will compete in various events of the Formula Drift, with the goal of achieving more victories for the bulging trophy cabinet of Whiddett. Do you stay more eager to drifting? I suggest you go to this link, where you will see a tremendous duel of drifting between a Ford Mustang RTR and a beastly Lamborghini Murcielago prepared by Saito.

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