Rafa Nadal aboard a Kia Sportage

Rafa Nadal hidden aboard a Kia Sportage . Only one who knows their whereabouts, will get an exclusive trip to Mallorca and meet in person to champion clay, wanted to see in the next video?

Rafa Nadal a bordo de un Kia Sportage The well-known South Korean car firm Kia has launched its new campaign a wave of videos that we awaken our more detective and find out where the player is known. Many Sportage models traveling by car, but only one of them is the famous tennis camouflaged. You have in your

The possibilities for making the desired trip to Mallorca are close, you only share the video where Rafa Nadal appears disguise of Indian social networks Facebook and twitter and can participate in the draw of this trip for two. It will not only meet the famous player, but at the same time you can try the wonders of the vehicle.

With each of the videos you want to share, you will have a new opportunity to approach this dreamland, what do you think about the plan?

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