Raffaele Marciello: “you can Not dream with fuck here”


Raffaele Marciello was the best and most strong candidate to return to Italy -level riders- Formula 1. That was the ex-pilot Junior Ferrari ended up in the GP2 after winning the title of the F3, a decision that however it is caught like a spider’s web. After playing three seasons in GP2 without having the necessary budget to make the jump to the premier class, Raffaele Marciello has removed the Formula 1 radar, in the same way that the Italian has stopped sounding as an option for computers that do not yet have defined alignment of drivers.

in a recent interview In ‘Motorsport.com’, Raffaele Marciello released to taste when you value your no options of getting to Formula 1: “you Need 10 or 15 million to be there, I don’t have money and without money there is no Formula 1. Always need money. You have to be realistic. can’t dream of fucking here. You need money to compete and if you do not, there is nothing to do. it Is vital not to lose any other opportunity that may arise by thinking too much on something that is impossible“.


I Think I did a good job up to now. I won the Formula 3 and many pilots that I won are now in Formula 1″ claimed to Marciello, who also added: “If they are in Formula 1, I think that I also deserve that. But I’m going to have a different race to them and I’m sure it will be great, because if I have 10 million, non-payment, I keep them for me and I’m going on vacation all my life. There is something wrong with the system and is something pitiful. I’m almost sure that I will not be in GP2, because even if you earn next year will continue to need 10 million to go up to the Formula 1″.

In this aspect, Raffaele Marciello has recognized that it is considering other options away from the cars: I’m trying to see if there is any chance for me in GT, we’ll see. I hope that before Christmas you know what I can do next year and start my preparation for next year. We are 90% confident that we will do. A decision that does not hide the situation that denounces Marciello: “We have support from our federation, but the companies Italian does not help as much as others. Maybe the large Italian companies should help a little bit more, because we always need money. Maybe if we do well one year we don’t have to pay to compete”.