Räikkönen believes Ferrari is well prepared for 2017


Possibly the biggest disappointment of the season 2016 has been the Ferrari team, that was clearly overtaken by Red Bull in the second half of the year and, after a feint with worry Mercedes, has suffered to get close to the podium positions.

But Kimi Räikkönen think that all of this does not reflect the position of the team face-to-2017 and think that the changes made in the team after the departure of James Allison has served to straighten the course. “we Continue to work hard and do as best we can but, unfortunately, the results have not been that we wanted. We keep trying things, learning and improving”, ” said the finn in a statement to Autosport, ensuring that “that is why I feel that we are in a stronger position despite the fact that the results have not shown. As a team we have worked very well. If we look at that, I hope that next year the new car is more competitive. I’m sure that will be a good fight”.

On the personal level, Kimi Räikkönen has also dramatically improved, but Sebastian Vettel has finished the season with a loot of points higher. Therefore, Finnish is not entirely satisfied with your evolution. “If I compare it with the last two years, yes I went better. But you can’t be happy because it is far from what we want. There have been good things and have done good things, but it is obvious that the result is far from being the one that we wanted”.