Räikkönen: “If we want to, we can go faster”


Kimi Räikkönen is the fastest man of the season.
The finn has closed the last day of tests in Barcelona with a time of
1:18.634, record that in addition has served to be the sole driver of the whole
grill of Formula 1 that has rolled below the 1:19. Despite this, the
Finnish has been claimed that it could have gone faster and complete the tests
with a record lower than 1:18.6 which marked on Friday morning. Not
however, the best record of Kimi came to using commas superblandas, so that
still saves a few tenths extra in concept of tires.

In this aspect, it is true that Kimi Räikkönen tried to do
a time with tires ultrablandos and was not able to lower your time, but that’s not
prevents the feeling at Ferrari with the new SF70-H are very positive,
even with the electrical problems it suffered during the afternoon session:
If we want to, we can go faster. It was not the purpose of the test,
although we always try to go as fast as you can. There are many things that we can
better still
and make them better, but that’s part of the test. We can be very happy with what we feel this morning, is one of the best days I have had in these two semanas”.


despite his statement, the pilot of the Ferrari is quite cautious when speaking about performance, especially in comparison to Mercedes. Although the back of Räikkönen was 0.6 seconds faster than the best lap from Bottas, also with superblandos, the champion of 2007 knows that this has not done more to start: “at The end are early days, and although up to now has gone well, we’ll have to see how we are when the season begins“.

all in all, Kimi Räikkönen if who dares to say that Ferrari is better than last season at this point: I Think that everything was more or less positive. The car has worked well and the feeling from the first day has been pretty good. The team has done a good job over the winter preparing the car and making it reliable. Compared with a year ago, we feel that we are better. Much better in different aspects, but we don’t know where we will be until the first race. It’s the same story every winter”.