Räikkönen staged the disaster of Ferrari in Hungary


The free practice sessions had left clear signs of a Scuderia Ferrari deflated and the complicated qualifying session of the GP of Hungary did no more than confirm the ailment. With Kimi Räikkönen eliminated in Q2 after a bad management of the ‘times’ of the session, the Q3 showed the stark reality of this phase of the season. While Mercedes marked a doublet and Red Bull was going to run as his only rival for the pole, Sebastian Vettel had to settle for the fifth position the grill at the Hungaroring.

Sebastian Vettel was pretty disappointed with its end result: I am Not happy with the fifth position, because I think that could have been better. It was quite a mess the beginning of the session, but in the end I think we had a good performance with the car. We have improved, but unfortunately the result does not show it. The pace was there, but we were not able to reach our target. It’s a shame because a yellow flag we have been trapped and traffic has been a hassle”.

For these two details, Vettel is not giving up in the face of race:I Think we have the pace enough to compete for the podium tomorrow. Hope to have a good start and then we’ll see what we can get out of there. It is a long race, anything can happen. I think in race pace we are faster over a lap, so let’s try to make the strategy more quickly as possible to try to improve. If the occasion is approaching we have to be smart to take advantage of every situation“.


in spite of this, without a doubt Kimi Räikkönen is the reflection of the failure
the team from Maranello in the day on Saturday in Hungary: I’m
disappointed with the result of this classification
. It is a true
worth it because the car has worked well during all the weekend and
even in wet conditions the performance was very good. But the
end result is that we are very far from where we should be
. The
end of Q2 I went out and did a lap decent, but the conditions
improved with the passage of times and unfortunately I was not able to go to the

“no matter what the reason, when the conditions are so
complicated as in the day of today. We try to make things well,
but unfortunately, this result will make us pay a very high price in
the day of tomorrow
. It will be very difficult to escape from the rear of the
group, but we’re not going to pay. We will make our best effort because
the speed is there and I’m sure we can do something”
concluded the Finnish driver.