Räikkönen: “The cars are faster, as they should be”


Kimi Räikkönen has been in charge of completing the fourth day of the tests with the SF70-H, so has been able to assess the compounding of rain Pirelli. Although the finn has been one of the pilots active at the time of test tires, intermediate and extreme wet, has also been one of the first to put slick tyres. This fact has served to finish with the best time, any time with rubber soft Räikkönen set a time of 1:20.872. Good feelings at Ferrari in terms of speed, reliability and performance.

The own Kimi Räikkönen has been recognized that the sensations are positive after the first week of the test: “Is a good start, especially because we have not had failures. Obviously, we have much work to do, but it is not bad. The truth is that I don’t know where we have to respect our rivals, but this car has more grip. I Think everything has gone quite well, taking into account that we have completed the plan. Always want to do more here or there, but what made these four days can be categorized as a good start. Even so, we still have much work to do next week“.

Asked about the mood of Ferrari relative to root
the difficult season experienced by the team in 2016, Räikkönen has been
quite emphatically: Obviously the media tries to talk about feelings
very negative
, but what is certain is that the team has not changed since only the
last year. Yes it is true that it is always exciting to start the new year and
more when, as I said, everything has worked very well. Dwhere we will end
during the year we don’t know
, but until now, everything is bueno”.


Reflecting their impressions on the cars of 2017,
Räikkönen said: “There’s more grip, the cars are faster, as
must be
. Are more robust, it is always great to go faster, I definitely
like. The combination of the car, the tires, and all the changes that have been
fact is great. It is all together. Obviously improve the lap time and
I think that would work best

Finally, the Finnish analysis of the specific job
made with the Pirelli tyres, while Kimi did not dare to assess the
actual performance none of the two compounds used: Is
really hard to say
, because we’ve done a few laps, but the conditions
wet mornings are not the same that we can find a
actual race. We have to do more mileage for which Pirelli has more
and be able to test the tyres and to improve them”.