Räikkönen: “there Were changes at my work computer and it has been good”


The second stage of Kimi Räikkönen in the Ferrari has been slow in starting to produce results, but what is certain is that the Finnish driver seems to start to offer its best face once and for all.

In 2014, Räikkönen came to Ferrari after two years at Lotus, but Fernando Alonso managed to almost triple the points than the Finnish. In 2015, already with Sebastian Vettel as a teammate, stood at 128 points of the mark achieved by the German and managed only three podiums.

In 2016 both are very smooth in how many points are obtained and Räikkönen has gone up four times on the podium for six of Vettel. For Kimi, the key lies in the change that occurred in the personnel in charge of your car. “there Were some changes in the people I work with and has been very good. The guys are very good at what they do and we all work together very well. We understand each other and we have the same ideas about how we want to do things”.

According to Räikkönen, the team works in harmony with your way of doing things and the car also adapts much better to your riding style, something that has certainly influenced positively. “With the very small details, we make sure that you are correct and that there are almost well, but they are exactly as they should. When you have that mentality, it works because there are a lot of small things that, if they are correct, they have a great impact on the lap time. If they are not, you’re adding two or three things and all of a sudden, they end up having an effect on the lap time. The car has gone in the direction that I like driving, it helps”. Kimi Räikkönen will also be displayed more calm and reflective in front of the press, leaving behind her character sharp and little bit talkative in the last few seasons.