RAM could reach Europe in the fight against the Ranger and company

Ram 1500 RebelWhen it created the Group Fiat Chrysler Automobile restructured all operations of the brands and between them I touch the turn Dodge. The brand of the ram had his range polarized three segments of the market different. For a party I had-use vehicles reasonable (sedans medium-sized and large), sports high-flying as the Challenger or Viper, and finally a range of stunning pick ups as the 1500 that we bring in these images.

To study the brand Sergio Marchionne decided that it should split the range and create two marks. By a part we would have to Dodge with their sedans are reasonable, and major sports and on the other hand, we have Ram, with its imposing trucks and industrial vehicles. This separation is what King Solomon had affected even to the brand image. Dodge lost its ram in favor of a logo more “nondescript” and RAM stayed with the head of ram as a emblem.

Ram 1500 Rebelin Addition to all the above mentioned both brands, along with Chrysler, disappeared from the european market after a long journey a little lucky. This made RAM focus only on your market home, and certain areas of Middle East. However, in the FCA it seems that they are thinking to introduce some versions of the pick ups of RAM in certain markets european.

The idea would be to try to compete with the successful Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara and the upcoming Renault Alaskan, Mercedes Pick-Up and Fiat Fullback. To do this the brand has been presented in Hall’s Commercial Vehicle Hannover with one of his pick-up was smaller. The model chosen is a RAM 1500 Quad Cab Sport equipped with a petrol engine 5.7 HEMI and eight-cylinder. This mechanism is associated to an automatic gearbox with eight speeds and the awd system.

As we can see this engine is not suited to the needs and tastes of the european customers, accustomed to the mechanical diesel for this type of vehicle. Therefore, RAM has chosen to adapt this engine for use with LPG. This would reduce your cost of use and versatility.

you Will need to see your receipt and if it manages to occupy a niche in this tough market.

Source – RAM – FCA