RAM Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris for all of us


This week debuted at Motor Dallas A prototype of RAM 1500 celebrating the bond that unites many years the brand with the Texas Rangers. There is no doubt that RAM Texas Ranger would be the favorite vehicle Chuck Norris .


RAM-Texas-Ranger P o celebrate the historic collaboration between RAM and Texas Rangers (the police force, not the baseball team) American brand has used the under Dallas Auto Show held this last week to show inspired agents Texans law prototype.

RAM Texas Ranger: Approved by Chuck Norris


A foreign aesthetic level there are no big changes, beyond some specific emblems inspired by the iconic insignia of the Rangers, located in the front fenders and tailgate.

The insignia of the Rangers also located in the center of the alloy wheels 20 inches while the exterior aesthetics is complete with a painting that combines tones white and silver, referring to the white hats and the silver insignia of the Rangers.

In the cabin is where Texas inspiration takes more prominence. The designers inserted four coins five pesos at the gates, as the insignia of the Texas Rangers have long been made based on the Mexican currency.

Also in the center console inserts a badge own Texas Rangers and is also recorded on the backs of the leather seats. Even inside the instrument panel display Rangers logo is displayed during engine start.

Although RAM did not attempt to establish any connection between this prototype Chuck Norris estimates that have lost a very good tool marketing. Should we observe if they decide to take the prototype to production.





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