Ramcat, the RAM 1500 with engine Hellcat 707 HP that a dealer american has built

In the united States engine swaps are the order of the day in the world of tuning. It is very common for transplanting V8 engines on cars that were never designed for it, as the Mazda MX-5 or the Honda S2000, without going any further. With the arrival of the engine 6.2 V8 Hellcat 707 HP the world of swaps, has received new blood, and they all want to build cars with one of the V8 more bestial on the planet. A dealer Group’s FCA has built a RAM 1500 with engine Hellcat 707 HP. It’s called… Ramcat.

The most complicated thing has been to make the electronics of the car communicate with the propeller.

agree, the name is predictable, but the story is interesting. He was born as a simple RAM 1500 with HEMI engine V8. The dealer, Midland Chrysler of Canada, was made with an engine Hellcat, buying it from a dealer in california for $ 45,000. It was one of the few hundreds of engines Hellcat FCA sold independently of the cars – known as a “crate engine” in the jargon – until they banned this form of sale by failing to give supply to the demand for these vehicles high-performance.

ram-1500-hellcat-3the aim of The project is to sell a RAM 1500 with preparation Hellcat to an end customer. The dealer canadian asks for a whopping $ 90,000 for the conversion, regardless of the base vehicle. Taking into account the hundreds of hours that have been invested in the project – yet complete – I can understand that. the physical installation of The engine under the hood has been problematic: have had to raise the height of the car at 7.5 cm so that the motor – very high – enter properly.

The problem is that the compressor of the engine occupies a lot of space on the block, raising its height. They hope soon to be able to reduce the height to the ground by some new suspension. Yes it has been more complicated as the communication between the electronics of the pick-up and the engine, but all the systems of the car and the instrumentation work properly, as if they had left the factory. In addition, both the automatic as the gearbox and the drive system of comprehensive work to perfection.

ram-1500-hellcat-2Midland Chrysler has yet to finalise the last details, and make sure that both the drive shaft as the gearbox and differentials hold up properly the huge dose of torque that has now overtaken them. I would be suggesting to change by the mechanisms of a RAM Heavy Duty or a vehicle of the highest caliber. Be that as it may, the end result promises to be spectacular. We’ll keep you informed.

Source: Jalopnik