Range Rover: 48 years of evolution in video


Nearly half a century of history.

The Range Rover is about to cunplir 50 years. a Half-century of life from which the british launched which is the symbol of the segment of off-road, the vehicle’s premium off-road. In 2016, 48 years after the launch of the first model, the firm launched the Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic, the latest version of the fourth-generation model.

The Range Rover has been one of the vehicles most innovative in its segment, debuting several technologies to this special niche market, such as the traction control, electronic or air suspension with electronic and automatic.

in recent years, the Range Rover has been one of the few suvs real that has managed to withstand the onslaught of the SUV segment, vehicles that opt for castings and technology in their own cars but are fitted with a cosmetic off-road, although the great majority of them is completely devoid of these skills outside of the asphalt.

The segment off-road, was the first to be affected by the arrival of this new supply to the market, as they were offering what most customers needed, ground clearance and interior space, with the advantage of having a configuration of its own and therefore comfortable on the asphalt. However, the Range Rover seems not only not to have suffered from this competition, but in recent times it has experienced a considerable éxito.

1969 First prototype (to Ensure)
1970 Range Rover Classic 2 doors
1973 Range Rover Classic (Suffix C)
1981 Range Rover Classic 4 door
1994 Range Rover 2nd generation (P38a)
2001 Range Rover 3rd generation
2012 Range Rover 4th generation
2014 Range Rover 4th generation long battle
2015 Range Rover SVAutobiography
2016 Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic

In these 48 years, the brand has evolved considerably in the model,
from a first generation fairly simple at the technical level to the
off-road technology, authentic reference of the segment which is today.
This evolution appears perfectly reflected in the video that we
provides the brand, in which there is a review of the milestones and dates more
important model.