Range Rover Evoque Convertible, SUV, and yes it is a convertible

we Cannot but remind us of the Nissan Murano Crosscabriolet, the first SUV in the world to lose the roof and become a convertible. That first attempt, nothing successful, by the way, has been an inspiration to the british at the time of creating the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Sure that it succeeds much more.


there will be No all-wheel drive 4×4, but the All Terrain Response will grant that character campero

Already been seeing in the various spy photos that we have been teaching the Evoque Convertible. Its design is exactly the same as that of his brother hardtop, that thanks to an elaborate work of stylists of Range Rover has not lost one iota of its characteristic line of three doors, while retaining the greater part of the elements.

Obviously, the introduction of the soft top and its folding system force you to redesign certain areas, but we only see real changes in the rear area of the rear seats, which is where re picks up the canvas roof, leaving a space perfectly flush, both with the body as with the seats, which are equipped with an arc of security shrink that unfolds in less than 90 milliseconds in the event of a rollover.

Four-engine handle to fold and unfold the roof that takes between 18 and 21 seconds to complete the maneuver, being able to perform in movement to a maximum of 30 Km/h. This has been made to the test in the most extreme environments, with temperatures between -40ºC and +90ºC. A SUV for all types of climatologías.

And up here the great changes of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, because beyond that we are talking about an Evoque conventional. In the interior still retains that atmosphere of refinement and quality, complete with space for four occupants and the latest technology, such as 3G connectivity, Head-Up Display and digital display of 10.2 inches.

In the mechanical field there are no big news. once again Land Rover is confident the new range of engines Ingenium, both for diesel and gasoline. Of course there will be transmissions both manual and automatic, and not while not showing configurations of 4×4 will have a excellent off-road capability as well has left us a glimpse of Land Rover over the implementation of the model.

This Range Rover Evoque so special will be manufactured alongside its brother hardtop, in three and five-door in the floor English of Halewood. Your marketing will not begin until the spring of next year, and will be exported to more than 170 markets around the world. I will say that what you see a lot on the street.


The soft top folds down in just 21 seconds and leaves exposed the first SUV premium convertible