Range Rover Evoque Ember Edition, ahead of a new infotainment system


The mixture of the red and the black you is of wonder to this Evoque Ember Edition

520.000 units sold around the world. An impressive figure for a model that just takes you in the market for five long years. After harvesting a large amount of prizes all over the world, we now see a new special edition, the Range Rover Evoque Ember Edition, which gives us an insight of new technologies that soon will be in the rest of the range.

The special roll before we find ourselves in presents few differences with respect to any other model of the recently renovated Range Rover Evoque. Designers know that the SUV is like a blank canvas for creations as well, and therefore combine the red and the black to create an edit of elegant and sports.

And is that it is a mix that never disappoints. And if we add to this the distinctive design of the Evoque, Land Rover has once again hit the nail with the end result. Custom details not only reach the body, but also applied to the interior, where the black leather is mixed with the red accents like the stitching and even the light.


from the summer are able to take bookings for this special edition

And it is here where we find what is really novel in this special version. It is in the technology where it is anticipated a leap of evolution that will soon have the rest of the units of the range, and the Range Rover Evoque Convertible already has serial. it Is an infotainment system improved.

This new team, called InControl Touch Pro, it is faster than its predecessor, and introduces a number of new features. A better screen size, 10.2 inches, with a resolution more high, and a customization top thanks to the download of applications that will keep the smartphone connected all the time with the car.

For the rest nothing changes, still keeping the main features of an Evoque, including the mechanics and the rest of the audience, and technology. If you want one of these Evoque’s Ember Edition you’ll have to wait for the next summer, that will be when Land Rover open the booking period, only for three months. No price for now.


The interior is exactly the same, except for the larger screen