Range Rover Evoque II: start road tests of the hybrid variant


have Already started road tests of the second generation.

Our photographers have been able to capture a unit testing of the second generation of the Range Rover Evoque as it performs its tests of the road. For the moment, Land Rover has only camouflaged slightly this unit, which clearly explains with the picture of the Evoque’s current, and only in the front area.

The morro camouflaged might indicate that the british brand is already performing the first mechanical tests using the Evoque’s first-generation, and try and hide any minimal change noticeable from the outside. As it could be related to the ventilation and cooling.

In the lower area of the bumper, the shadow of the vinyl draws a silhouette greater for the lower air intake, so that we could be faced with a decision of greater size.


Using a Evoke of the first generation with some changes.

The arches of the wheels seem to be somewhat wider, so that the new Evoque could have way more wide, and more than likely more space in the interior, thanks to a size slightly increased. However, the wheelbase seems not to have changed in the model shown in the photographs.

In the behind we do not discover anything, except a bumper interim equipped with two holes for the exhausts, but the naked eyes can’t see.

The last detail that attracts the attention of this unit is that it looks like a sticker of high voltage warning, which indicates to us that we are in a hybrid variant plug-in. According to the brand, in a few years approximately half of its vehicles will be hybrids, so that we may anticipate that the new Evoque will have one of these versions.


The lagging only shows the adhesive of high voltage and a bumper provisional.

in Addition, the new generation will be designed to accommodate the new family
of 4-cylinder engines Ingenium
, which are available in gasoline or
diesel. These offer more performance but also fuel consumption and
emission figures were more contained.