Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018: the new luxury SUV is already facing the cold and snow

Much time has passed since our photographers cazasen
for the first time to the Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018. Since the middle of last
summer we have closely followed the development of the new luxury SUV in the
have been working the guys from Land Rover. And on this occasion, we had to move
to the north of Sweden to address that are the first tests of winter
future rival of the BMW X6 and the
Mercedes GLE Coupe

Range Rover Sport Coupé 2018 - foto espía

First spy photos of the Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018 in a test of winter.

Attired with the heavy camouflage seen to date, the engineers of the british firm take advantage of this time of extreme cold, snow and ice to put the limit for both the mechanics and the electronics and check what is the behavior of the vehicle in these extreme conditions driving. In short, the ideal environment to learn where are the limits of the future Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018.

¿How to differentiate it from the Range Rover Evoque Coupe? unlike this model, the Sport Coupe will have a body of five doors, although those that give access to the rear will change its shape and reduce slightly in size to fit the line of a coupe that will have the body of this SUV. And despite the camouflage we see in the photographed unit, we can discern the silhouette that will have this new model.

The new Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018 will have a moon back extended as well as a lower outer height. This, added to a higher profile will allow the SUV of Land Rover offer a more elegant, sporty and dynamic. A modern vehicle that will flow with the city and not fear to the rural areas or the mountain. This will be their main features aesthetic.

Range Rover Sport Coupé 2018 -

The Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018 will not reach the dealerships until the end of the year 2017.

In terms of the interior of the new Range Rover Sport Coupe, it is best not to expect major changes. Will be in the line of the Range Rover Sport and the most important changes are concentrated in the posterior area. At a technological level and equipment will benefit from the latest advances in Land Rover as the infotainment system InControl Touch.

And what is the range of engines? Also be in line with the model that emanates from this new SUV coupe. There will be engines Ingenium, six-and eight-cylinder. We will have options diesel and petrol. And as you might expect, the version top-line will come under the label “SVR” and with a V8 engine of 5.0 liters. Also has been commenting on the possibility of introducing a hybrid variant plug-in but by the time we can anticipate that there is nothing firm about it.

The new Range Rover Sport Coupe will hit the market by the end of next year 2017. For now it is unknown when it will be presented even though the Geneva motor show or the Frankfurt show can be the ideal stage for his debut.

Range Rover Sport Coupé 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy of the Range Rover Sport Coupe 2018.