Range Rover Sport Plug-In Hybrid: first photos of the version plug-in


Land Rover already test versions PHEV’s Range Rover.

The unit that appears in the images corresponds to the new hybrid variant plug-in that is developing Land Rover about the Range Rover Sport. Our photographers managed to get close enough while it was parked, failing to capture many of their details.

This test unit was seen to the north of Sweden, but is identical to another model in disguise has been seen this week near the premises of the brand in Gaydon, Great Britain. On that occasion he wore some stickers warning of an electrical hazard, which, according to our photographers, after studying it in detail, they say they have been deleted recently.

on The inside there are no pictures because at the time you parked, the engineers stopped the entire interior, leaving no one control or item to the view.


In the rear I did not appreciate changes.

In the front area, it will appreciate quite a few changes in the bumper. On the sides we find the grilles of the air inlets to the nude, without the optical auxiliary wall that we can find in the Range Rover Sport production. The lower area of the bumper, at the height of the lower grille, also seen slightly modified, although this can be a result of not installing some mouldings.

Curiously, the optical groups are also different, but are camouflaged, and we cannot appreciate to the full your news. We understand that you will have new distribution of the elements of the light on the inside.

This new version PHEVS the Range Rover Sport will have a four-cylinder engine combined with a small electric motor. We do not know any more details or specifications of the release, but will be expected to have a short range of autonomy in all-electric mode.