Ranking best F1 in 2014

Lite remains to begin New World Formula 2015 , and fans are eager to see which pilots standing on pitch this year, as every year there are surprises. A lack of knowing who the talents of the new championship, we will make in this article a rating of F1 drivers more prominent in the last World Cup 2014.

Ranking mejores pilotos de F1 en 2014

Pilots Formula 1 Highlights in 2014

1. Lewis Hamilton. was very interesting duels on the track with teammate Rosberg. Not always had good luck at the races despite prove that he was the fastest. But finally he managed to be crowned champion drivers. His aggressive driving and the average race pace has been particularly rapid, usually use less gasoline than Rosberg, and tending covered.

2. Nico Rosberg. breathed title until the last race, which places it as one of the best drivers in F1. Maybe if I had not had any errors on the field in important moments, it had gotten. In any case, he has shown his talent and natural genius.

3. Daniel Ricciardo. has certainly left some indifferent to its rapid adaptation to new car. There have been more prominent than Sebastian Vettel, although this was a toughie for each title that has behind him. It has swept into German in almost all cases, both in qualifying and the race, and has even been able to snatch a victory unbeatable Mercedes drivers.

4. Fernando Alonso. Despite years with a car that does not allow you to keep a competitive price, the Spaniard has managed to take advantage of his car with a great fit on the pitch. It has achieved good results with a car that looked to be paid to the sixth or seventh position in the ranking of each race.

5. Daniil Kvyat. There have been surprisingly quick adaptation to Gran Circo young Russian Formula 1, having come directly from GP3. He has managed to qualify for Q3 in several competitions and enter four points races.

6. Valtteri Boots. In his second season veteran Massa has exceeded by a significant margin in training. It is extremely efficient and just make mistakes.

7. Jenson Button . End of season has been very bright for him thanks to his experience, career vision and ability to pamper covered. Although he had a difficult start to the season, has proven its worth on track.

8. Jules Bianchi. was difficult to draw attention with Marussia, but the truth is that the French got it, especially if we take into account the first part of the season. Stressing his extraordinary career in Monaco, has been at the forefront of both his teammate and their direct rivals.

Is acurdo our ranking of the best drivers in Formula 1? Want to add something else?

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