Ranking of sales of electric cars in Spain 2015


The Smart Fortwo ED was a leader in 2015 thanks to the
registrations of the service of car sharing Daimler

The year 2015 has been closed in a very positive way for the electric car market in our country, although there are many details to keep in mind. In total have been commercialized 2.342 units, representing a new historical maximum and an growth of 28.5% with respect to the previous year.

But they are not all good news. The enrolments of this type of vehicles to waive the gasoline and diesel are increasing, yes, but also continue to have a residual impact in the overall sales. With a market that has exceeded one million units placed, electric cars only make up 0.2% of the total sales.

Also you must be aware of the nuances at the time of observing the ranking of best selling models. The Nissan Leaf has ceded his crown of 2014 at the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, an anomaly that has a simple explanation since in October and November sold 357 units to a new program car sharing in the Spanish capital.


The Nissan Leaf remains one of the references of the segment

Be that as it may, the Fortwo ED can boast of being the power’s most sold of the year despite the fact that this is the previous generation of this little urbanite. Interestingly, the current generation, which came to market at the end of 2014, has no electric version in their range -at least for the time being-.

In the second plaza has been the Nissan Leaf that, despite everything, has remained close to the first position. The pioneer japanese model hopes to regain the leadership in 2016 thanks to the arrival of the Leaf’s 30 kWh, a new generation that boasts of a greater autonomy and that we have already crowned as the Best Car of Alternative Propulsion in 2015.

The podium is completed by the Renault ZOE, which has benefited from the new version ZOE R240 which, with respect to the standard version, it increases their autonomy in 30 miles without losing benefits. In the Top 10 of the ranking, it is also noted the presence of the quadricycle Renault Twizy and of the commercial and industrial Renault Kangoo Z. E., Nissan e-NV200 and Piaggio Porter.

Ranking of sales of electric cars in 2015

The car 100% electric sold in the Spanish market during 2015 have been:

Ranking Model Sales 2015
1 Smart ForTwo 388
2 Nissan LEAF 344
3 Renault ZOE 312
4 Renault Kangoo Z. E. 267
5 Nissan e-NV200 257
6 BMW i3 251
7 Renault Twizy 80 176
8 Kia Soul EV 89
9 Piaggio Porter 76
10 Volkswagen e-Golf 21