Ranking of sales of electric cars in Spain 2016


The Nissan Leaf was the electric car pure more sold in 2016

sales of electric vehicles continue to grow in Spain, although still account for a very small part of the total enrollment in our market this year surpassed the barrier of one million units. The 2016 is marketed 2.840 electric cars between passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, a 31.1% more than in the previous year.

The electric car most sold in the world, the Nissan Leaf, has recovered its hegemony in the Spanish market. Despite its veteran status, the japanese model has been able to maintain an attractive relationship price-product, and has added a new version of 30 kWh that has re-energized the sales thanks to their increased autonomy.

In the second position of the ranking has remained the Citroen C-Zero, a complete surprise because, until recently, had very little relevance to commercial. The explanation is simple and is that this model is part of the fleet of emov, the new company car sharing that operates in Madrid. Almost all the units in the small French enrolled for this purpose.


Brand-new second spot for the Citroën C-Zero, but with ‘trick’

Something similar happened last year with the Smart ForTwo ED. In fact, the previous generation of the ForTwo electric continues to add units to form part of the rollout of Car2Go and that has allowed him to reach the seventh place of the ranking. Therefore, C-Zero and ForTwo ED distort a little bit the final classification.

The bronze medal in this exercise is for the Renault Zoe. As has happened with the Leaf, the model is 100% electric the brand of diamond, has boosted its demand with the incorporation of a version of autonomy upper, the Zoe 41 kWh, in addition to incorporate some novelties in its range 2017.

The fourth and fifth position of the table are occupied by light commercial. In this category has been imposed Renault Kangoo Z. E. with a slight advantage on the Nissan e-NV200. The premium, most sought after is the BMW i3, sixth of the ranking, with 200 units and well above the also premium but much more expensive Tesla Model S, which remains outside the Top 10 with 46 units sold.

in Addition to these cars, it is also worth noting that they have sold 219 quads, lighter-weight electric propulsion. In this type of vehicle the absolute ruler is the Renault Twizy that has been treasured for over half of the market with 115 units sold this year.

Ranking of sales of electric cars in 2016

Ranking Model Sales 2016
1 Nissan Leaf 545
2 Citroën C-Zero 496
3 Renault Zoe 436
4 Renault Kangoo Z. E. 329
5 Nissan e-NV200 308
6 BMW i3 200
7 Smart Fortwo ED 155
8 Kia Soul EV 88
9 Piaggio Porter Electric 50
10 Peugeot Partnert Electric 47