Ranking of sales of sedans 2017


The Volkswagen Passat is the sedan’s most-wanted

Although it is recognised that the sedans have lost strength over other types of vehicles, such as SUVS, it remains a category with a great importance for many manufacturers. They are, without a doubt, cars with a greater power of representation and distinction What are the sedans sold in the Spanish market?

If we take a look at the sales ranking, we can quickly verify that the Top 5 is filled with models germans. At the top is the Volkswagen Passat, which aims to repeat the honorary title for the third consecutive year after the sedan sold in Spain in 2015 and 2016.

The classic trio of premium brands can be found below, with the Mercedes C Class earning the silver medal. The Audi A4 is left with the last step of the podium and the BMW 3 Series remains in fourth position. It is worth noting that 8 of the 13 models sold in this category are Audi, BMW or Mercedes.


The Skoda Octavia is the main alternative to German domination

Opel Insignia signature fifth place waiting for the arrival of the new generation, with which it aspires to boost its sales to achieve a victory that he has already earned in 2014. In sixth place we find the first model who does not speak German, the Skoda Octavia, that is highly sought after for its excellent relation price/product.

Ranking of sales of sedans (2017)

The models more sold in Spain are:

Ranking 2017 Model Sales 2017
1 Volkswagen Passat 670
2 Mercedes C-Class 631
3 Audi A4 552
4 BMW Series 3 505
5 Opel Insignia 478
6 Skoda Octavia 477
7 Mercedes E-Class 339
8 Peugeot 508 269
9 Mercedes CLA 263
10 Audi A6 256
11 BMW Series 5 204
12 Ford Mondeo 197
13 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 165
14 Hyundai i40 162
15 Mazda6 155
16 Jaguar XE 140
17 Renault Talisman 123
18 Skoda Superb 120
19 Citro├źn C5 112
20 Kia Optima 109