Ranking of the profits from each F1 driver-by-point added

Alonso, Sainz y Mehri en la rueda de prensaRegardless of the basic salary of every F1 driver, there are also clauses in the contracts for a plus-by-point addition in every season. And perhaps the list is somewhat surprising in some cases, since no one would think that Hamilton or Vettel would not be far from the first positions or that Verstappen occupies the last place, in the absence of the pilots of the Manor.

well, even though these data have to catch them with tweezers, since it comes from a publication of estimated salaries of pilots of Formula 1 according to the study conducted by Business Book GP. According to published estimates, since the terms of each rider in your contract are well kept secrets, BleachReport.com has created a list to mode of ranking the price per point that would be paid to each pilot.

Vettel dedo victoriaThe ranking is the following:

Position Pilot Income-by-point addition Points Total Approx.
1 Fernando Alonso 3.181.818€ 11 35M€
2 Jenson Button 625.000€ 16 4M€
3 Pastor Maldonado 148.148€ 27 4M€
4 Kimi Räikkönen 120.000€ 150 18M€
5 Sebastian Vettel 100.719€ 278 28M€
6 Romain Grosjean 78.431€ 51 4M€
7 Nico Hülkenberg 68.966€ 58 4M€
8 Lewis Hamilton 65.616€ 381 25M€
9 Sergio Perez 51.282€ 78 4M€
10 Nico Rosberg 41.925€ 322 13.5 M€
11 Felipe Massa 33.058€ 121 4M€
12 Marcus Ericsson 22.222€ 9 200.000€
13 Daniel Ricciardo 16.304€ 92 1.5 M€
14 Valtteri Bottas 14.706€ 136 2M€
15 Carlos Sainz Jr. 13.889€ 18 to€250,000
16 Daniil Kvyat 7.895€ 95 750.000€
17 Felipe Nasr 7.407€ 27 200.000€
18 Max Verstappen 5.102€ 49 to€250,000

attention is Called to the third position of Maldonado, you may pay more to avoid these “incidents” as the house brand of the venezuelan… Or also that Verstappen or Kvyat are so far behind, like Ricciardo. Hamilton and Rosberg are also in positions unusual, although with the amount of points you have added makes up for it. The following most striking is that Vettel is the one that has won by points this 2015.