Ratan Tata gives a knock on effect and returns to lead the Tata Group

Ratan TataThe Tata Group is the largest Indian and was founded in the year 1868 by Jamsetji Tata. However, it has not been limited to focus its operations in its home country. It is currently present in all continents and encompasses businesses as diverse as tea, aviation, hotels or the automotive sector, which is the one that concerns us here. To do this, the Tata Group is present with its namesake brand and the premium Jaguar and Land Rover.

The Tata Group has staked a lot of money in their division automotive. However, where Jaguar and Land Rover continue to grow, Tata, the brand’s mother group never ceases to give trouble. Their global sales have dropped and he has lost strength in its market home. In it, it has been surpassed by its rival Mahindra & Mahindra, which has a similar approach but it seems that you are guessing more than they do.

Tata ZicaThe group is controlled by two thirds by the family of the founder. Ratan Tata had been at the helm of the group until recently, however, in the year 2012 it was decided to give a twist to the policy and management Ratan agreed to move to a second plane. In his place stood to Cyrus Mistry that had a double task ahead: on the one hand to reduce the leverage ratio of the giant hindu, and increase your return of investments.

This work has been paying off little by little, however, it seems that he is losing effect. In addition, many of the policies that it had decided to implement the Tata Group clash with the philosophy of control of major shareholders and so has today made public that Mistry is no longer the manager of the group. In its place, and while it is a suitable substitute Ratan Tata will take again the reins of the indian group.

According to the brand, by now it is not going to change the plans for the future that had been established for each of the brands of the division automotive. However, we must be attentive to the movements carried out by the group to cover the losses registered in other divisions of the conglomerate.

Source – Tata