RC Lexus 300h, ecological samurai

Lexus RC 300H 04 Lexus RC 300h, el samurai ecológico The premium manufacturer of Japanese origin adds a new version to its appeal RC coupe. The new RC Lexus 300h is the result of combining the best of two worlds on the one hand the dynamic design of a sporty fun, and secondly all the comfort and efficiency offered for years hybrid Lexus models. The result is that we present here, and now comes to our country, having expected delivery of the first units in December this year.

If my colleague Iñigo when he had opportunity to test the Lexus RC-F, he defined as “The Last Samurai” me with this new RC 300h will dare me to `put the nickname of “ecological samurai”. Despite not having had the opportunity yet to get behind the wheel of the hybrid coupe, I think that Lexus will have managed to capture the essence of the RC-F, transmitting it in a more efficient and respectful manner with the medium to this new version, hence the nickname.

Design Exterior

Lexus RC 300H 03 Lexus RC 300h, el samurai ecológico The exterior image of the Lexus 300h RC does not differ, in general terms, looking at the RC-F radical. If we go in detail to see if it is a style more restrained and soft , which particularly emphasizes its sharp front grille with its characteristic large. At the rear, instead of meeting with four tailpipes, at the end of the diffuser we find only two located at the ends thereof.

For those seeking a more aggressive look, but want to continue to keep the economy of the hybrid mechanical, they will always have available the possibility of deciding on the F Sport trim level with kit specific body, new tires, more equipment, and even paint tones reserved for that level.

Interior and equipment

Lexus-RC-300H-01 Inside the situation it is similar. We start from a common base with the RC-F, but the differences are obvious. The instrumentation, steering wheel, shift knob and center stack are more gentrified, and not exude the air as sporty. The same happens with the nod, designed to offer great comfort , but in this case the lower position thereof allowed to offer sports sensations driving.

Its standard equipment is very generous , as in most vehicles of the Japanese. Highlights include the infotainment system with 7 “inch Lexus Media Display , dual zone climate control with electrostatic switches, leather, system lane departure warning (LDA), Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) warning system for subsequent traffic (ATCM) and 8 airbags.


Lexus-RC-300H-02 The hybrid system found in this RC Lexus 300h , is very similar to riding the IS 300h and GS 300h. Comprising a 4-cylinder gasoline engine 2.5-liter and a powerful electric motor, provides a combined capacity of 223 hp transmitting full force to the rear axle.

The RC 300h, with its automatic transmission E-CVT, is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km. / H in less than 9 seconds . Best of all is their consumption, which stands at combined cycle below 5 liters at 100, to which must be added a segment leaders emissions of 111 grams per km.


Model Price (RRP)
RC 300h EXECUTIVE € 45,900
RC 300h EXECUTIVE + TS € 47,200
RC 300h F Sport € 53,100
RC 300h Luxury € 58,200

Source – Lexus

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