Re-the Ford Falcon XR Sprint, and will be the last


Ford Australia has confirmed the return of the name “Sprint” to the Ford Falcon, very appreciated in that country. The Falcon is one of the few models that are manufactured in Australia currently, and missing months for Ford, Holden and Toyota to let down the blinds. Has ceased to be profitable to manufacture there.

Given that just is exported out, the Falcon is sentenced. The easiest thing is that none of us has ever seen a Falcon in your life, unless you have traveled to Oceania or has seen the movie Mad Max. The famous “interceptor” was a Falcon XB GT of the early 70’s.

The badge “Sprint” will be a limited number of Falcon XR6 (4.0 V6) and , Falcon XR8 (5.0 V8). Both will increase your muscles, improve aesthetically, and will have brakes for increased power. In the interior there will be a plate that identifies the car within the limited series. In the future will be to collect it.


Ford Falcon XR8 (FG), without the amendments of the limited series

it Is unknown how many units will come out of this special edition, but
Ford will be cualculado how many you can sell, so that is
the removal of the hands. Then the model Falcon will die, and will be
replaced by another model of american origin, or their segment will no longer be