Reaches the “Final chapter” of the documentary dedicated to the Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS documentalThe documentary “Rebirth of an icon” is dedicated to the Ford Focus RS comes to an end. Have been eight interesting chapters through which explained the development the new sport of american manufacturer step-by-step. Road testing, in circuit, in extreme conditions, and with Ken Block behind the wheel. Before reaching the market it is clear that everything has to be checked and on your site.

In this “Final chapter” is shown as the vice president and head of Product Development for Ford, Raj Nair, meets with the team of Ford Performance to see if it has since solution to a number of aspects in which it was to improve the Ford Focus RS. In the tests of Lommel (Belgium), the executive board had not approved the project because of the multiple failures, and now the team is looking forward to a second verdict.


After filming in the circuit squeezing the most the vehicle, Nair reports that the Focus RS is ready. Among its qualities, stands out the ease of driving that will make “many bad drivers look good.” The team of Ford Performance leads to recognition by have fixed the problems that was the direction in the normal mode, the braking strong, and the sound of the exhaust.

therefore puts an end to a development period of two and a half years. All a challenge to produce this beast with its engine 2.3 Ecoboost four-cylinder engine gets a power 350 horses and 440 Nm of torque. The benefits are also to the height getting accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,7 seconds. Spain will arrive in early 2016 and its price here part of the 40.260 euros.

List of chapters of “Rebirth of an icon”

Ford Focus RS documentalChapter 1 – Project kick-off, featuring Ken Block

Chapter 2 – Design and development

Chapters 3 and 4 – Hitting the road and Test-track trials

Chapter 5 – Arctic Extremes

Chapter 6 – Power Struggle

Chapter 7 – Close Scrutiny

Chapter 8 – Final chapter

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