Recoil 3, or how is it a gymkhana offroad with a Chevrolet Trophy Truck (video)

Chevrolet Trophy Truck Recoil 3is Not the first time that we talk about Ballistic BJ Baldwin, a pilot-comparable to Ken Block but in a different scope. It is not surprising, and is presented to us now Recoil 3. This is a gymkhana at the most pure american style, big. Set in the hunt for the Big Foot, BJ embarks on a high-speed pursuit through the countryside and the streets of a city.

more Specifically, we speak of the forests of Washington and the city of Tacoma. The car, as it could not be otherwise, is a Chevrolet Trophy Truck, a beast capable of landing undeterred after huge jumps. And is that if something is not precisely lack this video are the jumps. Whether it’s on earth or on asphalt, jumping or prepared walls, all swallowed the old suspension off-road racing.


The Big Foot also leads, if one thought that we did not know anything about this mysterious creature. Leads a Can Am of earth, a small car with great suspension to cycle to full speed out of the asphalt. This dare also to go at great speed, but behind it takes a car competition more than 800 horses of power.

as it occurs in the gymkhanas of Ken Block, BJ Baldwin leaves us with a recital of maneuvers at the controls of this simple-to-gross off-road, without a fault big wheel slippage and dose of burnt rubber. Definitely an experience to live and, in our case, settle with watching it on video.

Source – Toyo