Record 1.12 million for a Ferrari F40



A Ferrari F40 1992 with only 7,897 kilometers on its odometer was auctioned for 1.12 million euros and achieved a record for the model


Ferrari-F40 Q ue auctions Ferrari classics will reach astronomical figures is nothing new, but last Saturday at an auction organized by Coys under the Nurburgring Oldtimer GP was achieved price higher never paid for a unit of a Ferrari F40.

The new owner paid 1.12 million euros by a unit of 1992 that only accused 7,897 kilometers on its odometer, which had been purchased by a private Italian collector in the year 1993, who has since then been stored in a climate-controlled garage, and that has not been used since 2010.

The buyer is a German who has been with this piece of history of the Italian brand which produced only 1,315 units between 1987 and 1992. In Autodato we do not like the classics that spend their days filed under a bell glass, we like that are used accordingly and hope that their new owner of the Don Enzo dreamed use.



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