Record: a Tesla Model S achieves over 1,000 kms of range on a single charge


Tesla Model S 100D

A private computer in Italy, formed by members of the Club of owners of Tesla of that country, has conducted a test of battery life with a Model S 100D and have managed to travel more than 1,000 kilometres with a single charge the batteries of the electric sedan. As expected, the test has been carried out by way of marathon eco-friendly, that is to say at low speeds but constant, with a total test duration of 29 hours.

In a manner similar to the proof that a client did recently with an Opel Ampera-e in Sweden, which reached over 600 kilómetroscon a single charge, these owners of Italy have taken the highest available version of the Model S, the 100D of a single motor, and after most of a day driving continuously managed to reach the magic figure of to 1,078 kilometers, quite a feat especially taking into account the conditions of the test.

To be able to squeeze to the maximum the batteries of an electric vehicle is strictly necessary to dose the use of batteries, which involves avoiding to feed those auxiliary systems, as can be the audio system or the air-conditioning system, so that we imagine we perform this test in the middle of the summer Italian, must not have been easy spending 29 hours driving a vehicle without being able to connect the air conditioning.

The team was formed by 5 riders, who have been alternating throughout these 29 hours and to 1,078 kms at an average speed of only 40 km/h, so we can imagine that those hours were due to be quite tedious, especially taking into account that the Model S 100D is a device of great power. Should be quite a challenge to spend so many hours trying to maintain that speed so low as to be constant, although for much of the route was employed the system Autopilot on the Model S, which would help enormously to lessen the tension of the conductors.

This test confirms the statements made Elon Musk in his day, claiming that the Model S was able to travel over 1,000 kms on a single charge. In its standard format, the same used for this test, this version of the Model S has a range approved by the EPA 335 miles or 539.13 km, that is to say, the Italian team has managed to virtually double its autonomy estimated.

Though evidently and in terms of everyday use, it is impossible to reproduce these figures of consumption for any type of vehicle. To do this we must maintain indefinitely a speed very little right the rest traffic, which prevents even able to drive by some pathways.