Record by drifting longer in the world: 168 km-by-side with a Toyota GT86

The Toyota GT86 was updated at the end of last year. New optical, subtle changes on the inside and a slight reconfiguration of its chassis and of the delivery of energy. Very slight changes in the sports nippon. The case is that this car, in its version predecessor, three years ago it was proposed to beat a record by drifting longer in the world. Got it with a travel distance of 144 km.

The case is that the brand wanted to improve its own record of 2014 with the current version of the japanese sports. And yes, he did. The Toyota GT86, with the pilot Jesse Adams, was able to roll nothing less than 168,5 kilometers from side. The test was conducted on a track of circular shape, sliding and wet for the occasion. In total, almost 1,000 laps at the 177 metres of the path, and almost six hours drifting in this track.

For the record, the pilot can perform all kinds of corrections with the steering wheel, gas and brake. The only key point is that the rear wheels do not stop skating in any instant. To occur, the test would end. To verify and secure the data, the Toyota GT86 used two GPS systems, measurement recording data from the vehicle necessary.

apparently, the vehicle was totally serial with the exception of a tank of extra fuel that would allow the sport to gain a sufficient autonomy as to be almost 6 hours walking around with the rear axle “off the hook”.

If something has left us clear this new record is that Jesse Adams has a cast iron stomach and a fine control over the gas and the steering wheel. With respect to the GT86, it is little wonder, then, we already knew that it was a car “simple” control for the practice of drift, although it is hard to believe that a skid can prolong for so long. Idizziness!

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