Record sales for Seat since 2007, with 410.000 units


The deep crisis in which we have been immersed and of which we have not yet come out did most of us we could not buy a new car or, in the case of power to do so, we think several times before shelling out thousands of euros, being able to invest a small amount in to continue to keep our vehicle or an amount less than that of a new car in a vehicle of occasion.

This crisis, logically, affected vehicle manufacturers, which saw their sales falling sharply. Luckily, according to sales data, the automobile market has been growing slowly and the records of sales already appear to exceed those achieved in the first periods of the crisis. Seat tells us in a press note that has closed 2016, with an improvement of 2.6% at the global level with respect to the results of 2015, enrolling 410.200 in comparison with the 400,000 cars sold in the previous year.

SEAT León Cupra 290

The data reflect that the Spanish brand with headquarters in Martorell has increased its sales by 27.8% in the last four years, and that these 410.200 deliveries represent the greatest number of sales since the year 2007. Of all those units sold at the global level almost with 320,000 have found home in Western Europe, of which more than 77.000 have stayed in Spain, the country that practically has not obtained improvements.

Says Seat in its press release that the new Seat Ateca has contributed in these results, although since its launch in the month of July have been sold 24.200 units, that is to say, around 6% of the total, so that we do not believe that has contributed so much. Leaving aside this small detail, sure that during 2017 the Seat Ateca yes it will help substantially to increase sales of the company, as well as what will be the newly upgraded Seat León and the new generation of the Ibiza, not to mention the B-SUV that will land at the end of the year, the Seat Arona.

Seat Leon
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