Recorded to a Mercedes G 500 4×42 rolling field through more than 100 km/h

Mercedes G 500 4x4² vídeo The automobile market is full of todocaminos, there is no doubt this. The SUV’s are here to stay, or so it seems, getting in a few years to steal the limelight from several segments. But, how many of these models have real off-road skills? What is certain is that few, very few, manage to get close to the power of a off-road of truth. Power as the demonstrates this Mercedes G 500 4×42. And is that the suvs in germany has been recorded in video shooting field through more than 100 km/h. Almost nothing…

The video, which has been recorded in the Czech Republic, it seems at least interesting. A driver is travelling on a road, like any other when it is overtaken by a Mercedes G 500 4×42 that wheel outside of the asphalt. The co-pilot is the one who recorded the scene next to the driver attending astonished at the fact of being-developed field through more than 100 km/h, speed at which you travel them.

Mercedes G 500 4x4²

Mercedes G 500 4×42

What is certain is that the Mercedes G-Class is one of the models more suitable for tasks off-road. The off-road of the house of Stuttgart moves like a fish in the water off the road and has already demonstrated several times what he is capable of. In our country the base price of the German to be more than 100,000 euros, we start with the G 350 d. Everything indicates that the one who appears in the images corresponds to the version G 500 4×42, which is an option within the range of the off-road account with several modifications so many aesthetic and technical that make it even more suitable for these jobs. Yes, its price in Spain is about € 300,000.

The mercedes G-Class is among the best suvs on the market but what other models would you add that can make him shadow?


Source – Carscoops

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