Recreation: The Opel GT will hit hard at the segment of the sporting affordable


┬┐What would you like an Opel GT production like this?

daydream is a free. Okay, Opel has specified that the Opel GT Concept for the moment will remain just that: a prototype, a design exercise to showcase new technologies and lines of the bodywork that will go on to influence the next models. But that doesn’t take away from us that we have the illusion that the German firm re-loading with a sports coupe with compact dimensions as attractive as this.

A sporty, affordable and fun

Our recreation reflects a production version of pretty realistic based on the prototype GT Concept from Opel respected to the extent possible to its original design. The front remains unchanged except for the added tuition of their simple lines do not would be a big problem to bring it to the mass production, porta headlights LED IntelliLux, the wheels have been replaced by a bi-tone more conventional in black with arms polished, and the doors take on a more traditional design with the glassware, handles, and installation of exterior mirrors.

like the prototype, the B-pillar takes a big role at the end of the door, because that also accompanies the fall of the roof until the end of the rear. There is No need of windows later fixed, the moon rear wraps around the entire behind ensuring good visibility and lighting in the interior. The body of three tones with the red contrast gives way to a full body in red tone that contrasts with the roof, windshield frame, and part of the side-view mirrors in black.


The Opel GT Concept was unveiled at the Geneva motor show this year

This coupe two-seater has a very compact size of almost four metres, which coupled with the low weight of his body, of less than 1,000 kg, does not lack a propeller of excessive peak power to deliver incredible performance. Your configuration traction to the rear wheels with a limited-slip differential, low center of gravity and mid-engine rear gives a good account of the characteristics of this sport.

After the seat hides a small block of three-cylinder and 1.0-litre as found in the Opel Astra and other models of the brand but powered up 145 HP and 205 Nm of maximum torque. Fast enough to complete the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than eight seconds and reach 215 km/h maximum.