Recreation: what Will be the Nissan Pulsar 2017 as the new Has of China?


The model Has was able to stay ahead of the new design of the Press

Today we bring you a recreation of what it would look like the Nissan Pulsar after its passage through the chirograph for a face wash. With this new appearance the compact japanese adopts the new identity of the brand as a front bumper more muscular, the main grille of greater size, the classic V chrome in the center of which shines the logo of the brand, both of the fog lamps and headlights, new signature lighting.

what We said Has to the new Press?

gaza is also gaining in robustness and sportiness with a bumper, with lines of tension are accentuated and a diffuser now body-color. Inside the cabin we find new details like the chrome frame that now surrounds the center console of the rectangular base, the new outputs of air-plants also with edges of chrome and a a touch screen of greater size who removes buttons of the dashboard.


the interior of The compact chinese seems to be an update of the european model with few changes

Not I are going to fool this model may already look familiar. This is the model Has, which has recently been launched in China, a market in which normally the vehicles of this type tend to be of a lower quality than what we see here to compete in the hard segment of the compact and utilitarian waging a tough battle for those places. However we have to surrender ourselves to this model because has a design that is more current that our Press and the interior is also more modern. Appears to a model focused on the european customer that the middle chinese.

we believe that the rejuvenation of the Nissan Pulsar 2017 will bring us the design Has to our market with only a few differences in respect to this. Although they may seem identical, they both share many components, what is certain is that the Has it is manufactured in China (Guangzhou) for its own market adapted to the tastes of the local customer, while the Press of Europe comes out of the plant, which has installed by the manufacturer in Barcelona for the entire region.


The chinese model is offered with a petrol engine of 1.6 liters, system Start&Stop and automatic optional, while the european has the possibility of combining a petrol engine –DIG-T 1.2 L 115 HP or 1.6 L 190 HP – or one diesel –dCi 115 HP-, all with system Start&Stop, with a automatic or manual, and 4 different levels of finishes.

¿You would like the Press to 2017 is seeing him as well?