Red Bull announces that Renault is preparing a second evolution of the engine to Japan


Photo: Red Bull

Renault started this season with the 32 tokens available to improve their power unit, which assemble the Red Bull under the denomination TAG Heuer. Used only eleven of them (least so far that the rest of manufacturers) for the evolution which debuted in the test Montmeló and premiered at the Monaco Grand Prix, which resulted in a noticeable improvement in performance -only a failure in the pits prevented the victory of Daniel Ricciardo-with which yet have of 21 to use until the end of the World 2016.

at a press event On Red Bull prior to the Grand Prix of Austria, the team boss, Christian Horner, has revealed that the manufacturer galo is working on a second update engine to the search of another step forward in competitiveness, which will probably be ready for the Grand Prix of Japan in Suzuka, seventeenth of the 21 races that make up the calendar, which will be held from 7 to 9 October.

I Think that probably will come to Japan. You would have to ask about it to Renault, but that is what we have been given to understand. Have found the way to go in development and are getting some good progress. I think that now that they have found that direction, we should begin to see significant progress.

Horner also pointed out that the more power they have enjoyed since Monaco has allowed Red Bull has not been forced to compromise as much as before, its aerodynamic efficiency in the curves to get a higher speed on the straights.

we’re Still going to very downloaded aerodynamically, but we are being somewhat faster. Of course, that raises other kinds of issues that could have contributed to the problems that we had in Baku. But it is clear that the engine has improved this year and has allowed us to be competitive in the straight if we remove a bit of wing. And then, obviously, it is a matter of finding that commitment to the curves of medium and low speed.