Red Bull believes it will be able to plant face to Ferrari


Red Bull hopes to extend the good feelings experienced in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, and what is certain is that the first day in Austria, the home race for them, has been equally positive.

Max Verstappen has led the team in the final practice session with the fourth fastest time of 349 mils for Lewis Hamilton and with 41 margin over his team mate. But that has not prevented the Dutch has suffered multiple outputs of the track -something that has affected you today to the majority of riders on a track very complicated. “is Not the track with the most grip, it is difficult to correct and there are pianos too high near the track. I think that in all the curves of the circuit we can improve”, said Verstappen.

I Had problems with a connector of the brakes, so we had to disassemble the floor to make sure of what was going on

despite the good times, Max Verstappen suffered mechanical problems that caused him to lose time on the track, although such issues were not of importance. “at The beginning of the second free practice session a connector was not in sync with the brakes, so we had to disassemble the floor to make sure that what was happening was not too bad, but I was able to complete the planned programme”.

The pilot Dutch finished the day very satisfied with the compound ultrablando of Pirelli, but the differences with the superblando and the soft have not been as extensive as in other circuits, and some teams are considering alternative strategies. “With the ultrablandos goes much faster than with the superblandos, it will be interesting, we have to analyze it all. I’m not entirely happy with the balance we had today, but we’re not too far away from Ferrari and Mercedes, so it will be interesting tomorrow, said Max at the end of the day.


Daniel Ricciardo spent more time than planned in the garage after a problem with the MGU-H, but he managed to get competitive times.

Daniel Ricciardo, on the other hand, has shown a very similar rhythm to that of Max Verstappen, but has also been harmed by mechanical problems in the recovery of the thermal energy of the motor (MGU-H) that have prevented him from overcoming the 27 laps in the second practice session.

Even so, the australian rider has qualified on the day of “good enough”, especially for having been able to complete most of the scheduled program. “it Has been a good day and it seems that we are competitive. I think the first five are in four-tenths or something like that, so that we want to be there in the ranking and it would be great to keep it all weekend”.

Daniel Ricciardo has surprised him that the soft compound has worked well, since Pirelli this year has produced a few tires very hard and the trend is still the bet clearly by the ultrablando and superblando. “It’s a little surprising that the soft has not worked out wrong, I think Lewis has been the fastest this morning with the soft so… Obviously have a good car and were faster even with that compound, so that shows how strong you are in this circuit. I believe many teams will look for their options”.

under the circumstances, and that the time difference between compounds is not exceeding two or three tenths, some teams like Ferrari are considering rank in the Q2 with the superblando to start the race with that compound. In any case, it is something that should be explored with the greatest interest in the third day of free practice on Saturday.