Red Bull confirms its continuity in the F1


over the past few months, Red Bull has gone through different phases and negotiations after announcing his breakup with Renault, which in turn seeks to formalize the purchase of a computer to return to the competition as a global manufacturer and not just as a biker.

After negotiating with Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda, Red Bull is still not to publicize who will be finally your partner’s biker, but has already confirmed that registration for the championship of 2016 is processed.

In the past few months, various men on the team, most notably Newey or the own Mateschitz, threatened with the possibility of leaving Formula 1 if you were a biker of guarantees, but finally everything seems to have been nothing.

Horner stated that the registration had been processed and that are “committed to be in F1 next year and in the future. We are working hard to get a set as competitive as possible. I hope that at the end of the season we are in a position to announce our plans”, said Horner, the couple that sent a message to the FIA and to rivals like Mercedes or Ferrari. “The FIA wants to introduce an engine that is competitive in terms of pricing and that’s not going to happen now, they are looking for extreme measures. Then we have a situation in which the manufacturers do not want to supply to certain equipment and there is nothing in the rules that says you have to, that is your choice. The FIA are recognising that have to protect the sport of the future or more teams could go the F1, warned the head of the team with the license of the austrian.