Red Bull expected a major upgrade of its engine in Canada


The Renault engine is the eternal headache of Red Bull year after year, and this season is no exception. The units of the French brand, renowned TAG Heuer, are still a step behind the rest, but progress has been made, and the fourth Daniel Ricciardo in the past Great Prize of Australia represents a strong backing for the aspirations of the team in a season that boasts of transition.

evidence Ricciardo, in a statement to Autosport: yes, I think that the engine gives more performance, but we’re not talking about a big step still. When you have a certain number of horses and you get 5 or 10 horses more, is not too different. Don’t you feel that extra bit when you hit the accelerator, but if you notice something more pointed; seems to run more at the end of the straight”.


The team austrian is confident that the contribution of Renault will not be there, and expects to have a significant increase in the performance of the engine and face up to the tests of summer, as a specific Ricciardo: “For the moment, we toyed with that, in MontrĂ©al, the engine should take a step forward. I hope I have to suffer a few lashes, and G-forces on my neck then!”

The Team Principal of Red Bull, Christian Horner, highlights the improved performance of the Renault engine in race pace: “The power unit has shown real progress over the winter. We still have a long way ahead, but it’s great that there has been a progress in performance, particularly in race conditions, which is what we saw in the test. We hope that children are encouraged to go in the right direction”.