Red Bull expected that the Renault engine is a 2% of the best” in a year


The Renault engines that Red Bull will look like next season, and probably the following, will be wearing the logo of TAG Heuer. Since they were forced to be together for convenience of Milton Keynes, the relationship with the French brand has improved a lot, to the point of to renew the agreements, and supply of new engines Toro Rosso, but does not relinquish the lucrative trade agreement with the brand of watches swiss.

despite this, they are Renault engines camouflaged does not mean that they are Renault engines of the second level. Despite the fact that the French brand made to return an official team last year, Red Bull is still a partner of first level, and improvements in the amount of power that the team of austria had the past year do indicate that it would continue to count with all the support of the Boulogne.

as stated by Christian Horner, who says that the mark of the diamond has guaranteed an equality and absolute clarity in that regard: will have the same power unit that the factory team. Horner also believes that Renault, as a team, you can benefit from the direct comparison to progress in the program, which got only eight points this past year.

“In our own equipment corresponds, I think that are a great reference for them. We have the guarantee that there will be parity absolute, and set that parameter is great for them to be able to assess themselves. They are in a process of construction, and will have an immediate reference of what your engine is capable of doing.”

Horner believes that Renault has made the necessary changes to amend the deficit of power with that began the era turbo, compared to Mercedes and Ferrari, and hoped that the progress of the season put them very close to both units of power, on the basis of convergence that the French have already indicated on previous occasions:

“things have changed internally in the engine is concerned. The difficulties of the past year were the catalyst for a positive change. Has occurred, and we began to see the benefit during this year. While that continues, we hope that will put us in the area that we were with the V8 from here to twelve months, 2% of the best engine“.