Red Bull, in 2016, the same engine that Renault and in 2017 for an alternative


Photo: Red Bull

After a long time waiting, Red Bull has finally found the exit of the tunnel. Five days after the end of the championship 2015, has announced that it will use in 2016 a Renault engine which referred to as TAG Heuer following the agreement reached with the signature swiss watches. In the statement did not make clear which settings would be your power unit, if the same Renault or a different one, supported by Ilmor. Helmut Marko has announced various questions in the publication Speed Week: “we will Obtain the same units of power that the factory team Renault. The swiss Mario Illien will cooperate with your company Ilmor as a consultant for the development of Renault. It will do so in the name of Renault in Viry-Châtillon. Our engines are referred to as TAG Heuer“.

The advisor of a sports team of energy drinks is delighted that it cleared up the matter of engines to Red Bull. “I’m happy. I am especially pleased that Renault has finally decided to the acquisition of Lotus and as well stay in Formula 1”. There was also the doubt of if they would be able to complete the season despite how much it took to get an agreement. Although Horner had acknowledged that they had four chassis different to the standby power unit, Marko ensures that there will be no problems for test of winter: “Although we have to cope with two months of delay, we will do so. We will be in Barcelona,”. In addition, the austrian said that the contract is for a year…and after we will see: “We have signed a year. We are still waiting for a reciprocating engine for 2017. Although maybe Renault will develop as well in 2016 that need a extensión”.

Helmut Marko also spoke about the team’s affiliate, Toro Rosso. On the one hand, he denied that the new arrangements are going to change the alignment: “We have confirmed for 2016 to the four pilots, so that Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat will be on Red Bull and Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz at Toro Rosso”. And, on the other, recognizes that the announcement between Ferrari and the team of Faenza is a matter of time: “now everything is clear, and we just have to wait for confirmation of the union. Returning to Red Bull, it was shown confident for the season that will start in march: “The concepts presented by Renault look good. Now they have to be implemented and to demonstrate that, in practice, are as good as in theory. The question is the speed with which it will be posible“.