Red Bull is the second team in Q3 in Barcelona


Without making any noise, but running your job well. Red Bull has been the great protagonist during the phase prior to the GP of Spain by the decision of ascend’s Max Verstappen from Toro Rosso, but the team has managed to not call attention to its performance and unlike Ferrari, at the key moment have been met. Red Bull has emerged as the second team in the classification held in Montmel√≥ thanks to the good role of Ricciardo and Verstappen, who have cornered the second row of the grid with the P3 of Daniel and the P4 Max.

Daniel Ricciardo has closed a great lap in Q3 with a time of 1:23.816, which has enabled him to be placed six-tenths of the pole. An outstanding performance that has come to the good performance of the RB12, particularly at the level of traction on this track: “I Am very happy to be back in the top three positions in qualifying and I will try to be back here in the day tomorrow. I’m happy for Max, because we have managed to be ahead of Ferrari and be the two in the second row, something that is quite impressive“.

Analyzing in a more concrete way to their work, the australian has confirmed the good sensations you’ve had with the RB12 in the time key: “Took a bit of time to find the feeling, but in Q3 I knew that I had a single lap and the pace was there. I thought that I could do, was to put all the sectors together, something that until that moment he had not succeeded, but in Q3 is what counts, and I did so. The truth is that I am very happy“.


despite the third position from Ricciardo, a large part of the looks in Montmel√≥ and have been for Max Verstappen. The pilot Dutch has not gotten flustered and in his first qualifying with the Red Bull RB12 has been placed at four tenths of his team mate, registry similar to the that amounted to Kvyat but that has earned him to be fourth: I really liked the ranking because I was improving every lap. For me the goal today was fun and I had a very good feeling with the car. I concentrated on what I had to do and it worked“.

I Am happy, the truth is that you didn’t expect me to adapt so quickly the car” acknowledges Max Vestappen, who also was surprised by your position on the grill: “I also did Not expect to be in the second row, so that it is a feeling very positive. We are close to the podium, and I hope that we can maintain our positions in the race tomorrow. It would be very good news in my first race with Red Bull”.