Red Bull presents the RB12, your single-seater for 2016

Red Bull seems determined to unveil his new car in installments. Few days ago we showed you the new decoration will look like the team of Milton Keynes, in the shade mate is made with the control of the RB11 decorated for the occasion. Now, in the minutes before the start of the pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the team has opted to present the Red Bull RB12 through photos of study. The training well does not unravel great secrets of a car that according to these images, have many similarities are their ancestor.

The car that will drive Daniel Ricciardo and Daniel Kvyat in the season of 2016, seems to suffer some modifications in your profile. Presents a nose that looks slightly more compact, in the same way that at a glance gives the feeling that the pontoons have been narrowed. In any case, it is too early to draw conclusions, and more with a few studio photos. In fact, until Daniel Ricciardo do not put the RB12 on track during the first day of tests at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya we will not the rear of the new car, as Red Bull has refused to publish a photo of this area.


On the RB12, Christian Horner says: “The last minute decision to use the engine from last year has forced the team to work twice as hard in the winter to catch up. Our hopes go through to progress in the second half of the season. we Expect to be more close to our rivals and for this it is necessary to gain performance in the power unit”. The pattern of Red Bull Racing in addition to considered that: “With the current regulation, it is difficult to find areas to exploit the creativity. Our priority was to get a coherent package with the suspension, the chassis and the aerodynamics. We have learned the lessons of the past year“.

Rob Marshall, Director of Engineering of Red Bull, he shares the vision of his team-mate, and even that is still more optimistic: I Hope that we can win races. This might be a bit far-fetched seeing our role during the last season. This situation was derived from the problems that we had at the beginning of the year, but we hope now to get a good energy boost to improve our image”.